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Community & Networking

We're not just navigating the future of AI; we're creating it.


AI Thought Leadership Roundtable

Affectionately dubbed the "AI Avengers," this group of über nerds come together to explore the latest AI topics and trends.


We are a diverse group made up of neuroscientists, product marketers, developers, and entrepreneurs, and more, providing a rich mix of perspectives.


Held every Thursday at 12 p.m. ET , our discussions typically last for an hour, and always promise to be insightful and engaging.

Tester Club

We test and provide feedback on pre-market AI tools, directly impacting product development.


Participants gain early access to the latest AI technologies, a chance to shape future products, and connect with a community of like-minded AI enthusiasts and industry pioneers. 


Debate in the Great Debate

Become a debater in The Great Debate series and join an esteemed alumni network of curious intellectuals. 

Engage with thought leaders, innovators, and peers who are just as passionate about the transformative power of artificial intelligence as you are.


The Great Debate" offers a platform to challenge ideas, share insights, and contribute to shaping a responsible AI future.


Join us in pivotal conversations that could steer the course of AI innovation towards a more ethical, inclusive, and impactful direction.



Ethics Standards Council

The AImpact Ethics Standards Council is a pioneering initiative designed to unite ethics experts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in crafting and setting the gold standard for ethical AI use and implementation.


This council is poised to lead the conversation on ethical AI, providing guidance that helps organizations navigate the complexities of AI integration with confidence. We invite potential members who are passionate about shaping the future of ethical AI to apply, contribute their expertise, and join us in this critical mission. Together, we can build a foundation for AI that not only innovates but also respects the core values of society.

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