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Test Tomorrow's Tech

Explore and shape the tools of tomorrow.

AImpact's Tester Club

Welcome to the AImpact Tester Club, where your passion meets our innovation. This is your exclusive opportunity to test, influence, and refine the most advanced tools and technologies before they revolutionize the world.


Why Join?

Experience the thrill of being on the forefront of technological breakthroughs. Your feedback and insights will directly shape the development of groundbreaking tools and applications.


Early Access to New Tools

Be the first to experiment with emerging technologies and tools that are setting new benchmarks in the industry. In many cases, you will get early access to "test drive" tools not yet available to the public.


Direct Impact on Tool Development

Play a critical role in the evolution of these tools, with your input helping to refine and perfect them. You will provide feedback that will shape the development of these tools.


Collaborative Community

Join a network of tech enthusiasts and professionals who share your passion for innovation and progress. Have a tool or solution you would like to share? We're all ears!

How it Works


Sign Up

Join our tester list. No credit cards, no fees. None of that crap.


RSVP to a Session

When a new session appears on our calendar, we'll email you the details and an RSVP link. Spots are limited.


Get Hands-On

Join a session for a brief demo or test drive of the tool.

Who Should Join?

Get to Know Us

We have an eclectic group of testers: marketers, neuroscientists, teachers, entrepreneurs, artists, graphic designers, philosophers, attorneys, authors, developers, investors, product managers, and more!

The only requirements of our testers are radical candor and curiosity.


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